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Living legends; living legacies – Part 2

Following on from Living Legends; Living Legacies – Part 1, here’s a bit of video footage of Gary Crosby and Nat Facey jamming on the jazz standard There Is No Great Love by Isham Jones on 6 August 2012 when they went to celebrate Jamaican Independence with Coleridge Goode and Peter Ind over at Coleridge’s house. 

Massive apologies for the portrait format and the occasional wobble. It was just such a magical experience being in the room with Coleridge, Peter, Gary and Nat, and beautiful to see these two living legends casting an approving eye over the comparative ‘freshers’, that all thoughts as to which way round to hold the iPhone went completely out of the window! Hopefully the lack of cinematography skills won’t detract from the wonderful music and vibe!