Catch A Fire flyer

JAZZ JAMAICA ALL STARS + Urban Soul Orchestra + Brinsley Forde

If this tour were an album, it would be a collector’s item!

Bob Marley and The Wailers 1973 album ‘Catch a Fire’ is considered one of the top albums of all time. It established The Wailers as international superstars and introduced reggae to the university ‘rock listening’ crowd who were inspired by the socially aware lyrics, militant tone and optimistic view of a future free from oppression.

The unusual remixing by Island boss, Chris Blackwell and sound engineer, Tony Platt revolutionised the way reggae music was presented to the western world and the original cover art (Zippo Lighter) captured the imagination of the world. Copies of the original pressing have since become heavily sought after collector’s items.

Following Catch a Fire, Bob Marley in particular became world-famous, especially in the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa, and among immigrants in Europe and African-Americans in the United States.

In 1974 Eric Clapton covered Marley’s I Shot the Sheriff and was his first single to chart at #1 (US). Although not from this particular album, it thrust Bob Marley into the international spotlight and reinforced his status as a global superstar and icon.

Jazz Jamaica All Stars’ Catch a fire, will pay tribute to this ground-breaking album and the impact it had at both a musical and social level. Combining the reggae roots of the All Stars, with a strings section, former Aswad vocalist Brinsley Forde and, in selected cities, a local community gospel choir, this extraordinary ensemble will create a unique programme that the entire social spectrum can relate to on a multitude of levels.

Curated by Gary Crosby OBE – Artistic Director of Tomorrow’s Warriors and nephew of the great Jamaican guitaristErnest Ranglin and produced by Dune Music in association with Tomorrow’s Warriors, Lively Up! is a bold and ambitious festival of music touring 50 musicians and dancers to 10 cities around the country in a vibrant programme celebrating some of Jamaica’s most influential cultural icons. In 2012, the year in which Jamaica celebrates 50 years of independence, the festival will present 19 events in 17 venues from Southampton to Edinburgh through a series of concerts and participatory activities that offers something for everyone: children, adults and families.

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