VIDEO: Nu Civilisation Orchestra – Joe Harriott Tribute at St George’s, Bristol

Some footage of the Nu Civilisation Orchestra’s gig at St George’s, Bristol on 10 October as part of the Lively Up! Festival. If ever you thought you were scared of ‘free form’ jazz, this set should allay your fears as it provides an completely accessible entry point to this area of jazz. As MD Peter Edwards mentioned at the Nottingham show a couple of weeks earlier, Joe Harriott created some truly beautiful and sublime music that merits investigation. And he’s right. It’s not scary!

About the show, Peter says:

“My newly commissioned arrangements feature music from Joe Harriott’s groundbreaking albumsFree Form (1961) and Abstract (1963). The performance also includes the work of visual artist Emma Godebska who has produced a wonderful series of paintings based on the band’s interpretation of Harriott’s music. Projected on a screen are Emma’s works in various stages of development whilst the band creates its own sonic improvised art pieces, making the show a truly multi-dimensional experience.”

Go see it! It’s on tomorrow (20 Oct) at RNCM Theatre in Manchester, and at the Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on 17 November.





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